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  • PUR ELÙOR’s Starry Eyes Luxury Eyeshadow Palette is one of a kind experience with 20 high pigmented shades.This unique curation of shades inspired by stars and unique elements in the world. Includes premium quality nude collection with matte and shimmery finish, lustrous satins and multi-dimensional glitter to take your inner artist out. This standard palette is easy to carry and gives you versatile ability to transform your eyes.


    The smoky eyeshadow palette is rooted in the rich tones of planet -  inspired by contrasting colors of volcano

    Luxury EyeShadow Palette - Smoky

    Cikkszám: 23003
    129,99C$ Szokásos ár
    44,99C$Akciós ár
    ÁFA beleértve

      Charming eyes are never satisfied with a single color. Each shadow can be used in a multitude of ways for a variety of gorgeous looks


      Exploring the eyes of the stars just like being in the stay sky.


      Eyes and brows get shaped and lined, highlighted and defined like a professional

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